Women In String Bands Project

WISB Project

Celebrating women in string bands in Australia and those who collaborate and support them. Women are underrepresented in music in Australia. ABOTMA seeks to promote the participation of Australian female musicians and to inspire more women to participate and perform in playing acoustic string band music.

This CD compilation comprises songs and tunes featuring Australian women playing music rooted in bluegrass, old time acoustic string music and other related folk styles. 

This CD was made possible by the generosity of the Folk Alliance of Australia, ABOTMA, Alexander Bell Sound Studios and all artists involved.

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I NEVER WILL MARRY (Trad. Additional lyrics and Arr. by Kimberley Wheeler)

Kimberley Wheeler (lead vocals, upright bass)
John Gray (guitar & vocals).

Kimberley Wheeler

EVANGELINE (R. Robertson)

Sally Taylor (lead vocals, fiddle)
Kimberley Wheeler (upright bass, vocals),
Claire Alleway (cello),
Ian Alexander (banjo),
Graeme Fletcher (guitar & Vocals).

Sally Taylor – Appalachian Heaven Stringband


Kate Burke (vocals, guitar),
Ruth Hazelton (vocals, banjo).

Kate Burke & Ruth Hazelton

STOP (Deborah Mackenzie)

Heather Carrigan: mandolin and vocals
Deborah Mackenzie: guitar and vocals
Jenine Abarbanel: bass and vocals
Sue Drake: banjo and vocals
Krissy Jackson: fiddle and vocals

Deborah Mackenzie – Hot Diggity


Miriam Jones – fiddle
Nick Street – guitar
Kieran Owens – banjo

Heather Carrigan: mandolin and vocals
Deborah Mackenzie: guitar and vocals
Jenine Abarbanel: bass and vocals
Sue Drake: banjo and vocals
Krissy Jackson: fiddle and vocals

Miriam Jones – Catgut

BIG EYED RABBIT (Trad. Arr. Jane Germain & Ian Simpson)

Jane Germain – clawhammer banjo, vocals
Ian Simpson – banjo, guitar, double bass, vocals

Jane Germain

LONG GONE (James Church & Cielle Kinross/Montgomery)

Cielle Montgomery – Vocals & Acoustic Guitar
James Church – Dobro, Acoustic Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin & Backing Vocals
Glen Hannah – Acoustic Guitar, 8 String Uke, Backing Vocals
Jonathan Zwartz – Double Bass
Sue Carson – Fiddle

Cielle Montgomery – Montgomery Church

RAIN WINTER (Eleanor Frith)

Eleanor Frith – fiddle and ukulele
Pete Grandison – mandolin

Eleanor Frith

BLUE MOUNTAIN RAIN (Karen Lynne/Richard Porteous)

Karen Lynne

LET IT RIDE (Nadine Budge)

Nadine Budge – Acoustic guitar, Resonator guitar

John Bartholomeusz – Acoustic guitar

Colin Swan – Banjo

Andrew Carswell – Mandolin

Luke Richardson – Double bass

Gleny Rae – Fiddle

Nadine Budge – The Stetson Family

TIME TRAVELLER (Jacqueline Bradley)

Jacqueline Bradley – Fiddle, Banjo, Vocals
Donal Baylor – Fiddle, Banjo, Guitar, Vocals
Matt Nightingale – Double Bass, Vocals
Pablo Shopen – Fiddle, Banjo, Vocals
Special Guest on the track Time Traveller- Kevin Bradley – Guitar

Jacqueline Bradley – Black Mountain String Band


Genni Kane: vox, acoustic guitar, percussion
John Kane: frailing banjo, mandolin
Pete Denahy: fiddle
Liz Frencham: double bass

Genni Kane

MARY JANE (Jen Land)

Jen Land – vocals & acoustic tenor guitar
Chris Taylor – vocals & banjo

Jen Land – Slim Dime

HOME (Ree Liddell)

Ree Liddell – resonator guitar, mandolin, parlor acoustic guitar, wazinator stomp
Ian Treloar – Acoustic 9 string guitar
Simon Dewar – Drums, percussion

Ree Liddell – chango TRee


Maria Duff – Double Bass
Paul Duff – Mandolin
Mick O’Neill – Banjo
Wayne Perry – Guitar
Donal Baylor – Fiddle
Adam Gare – Fiddle

Maria Duff – Bluegrass Parkway

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