Applications for Mountaingrass 2024 have now closed.​
If you are interested in applying to perform at Mountaingrass in 2025 please note that we only select stage acts that play bluegrass and American old-time music on acoustic instruments. Unfamiliar with these styles? The Smithsonian Folkways Recordings are a great resource. You will find a good run-down of what characterises bluegrass and old time music  here. 
However, we welcome applications from anyone wanting to give a workshop. This can include: techniques on an instrument, stagecraft and  performance skills, leading a slow jam or another related topic. 

Information about the festival, our Artist Selection Criteria, Accommodation, and Artist responsibilities  are available below. 


About Mountaingrass

Mountaingrass is a participative event for performers and ticket buyers alike. 

We are looking for musicians who want to be a part of the event and be involved not only in concerts but also in workshops, jams including slow jams, and picking sessions.

Performers will usually have at least two performances, (and sometimes three), in different venues during the event. Concerts occur in the evenings and afternoons. Workshops are held on Saturday and Sunday mornings. 
Acts, whether booked for the concert program or not, are welcome to perform on our walk-up stage.

As Bluegrass and Old Time music are acoustic music forms, the festival encourages acoustic performances. Plugged-in or other non-acoustic instruments are discouraged. Professional sound engineers are available to provide microphone amplification.

Partners of performers selected to perform at the festival can obtain half price tickets provided names and numbers are included in the application form. Partners are also most welcome to volunteer their services and receive a free ticket for the festival in return. Children are welcome. Those under 18 are free.

In support of the bluegrass and old time cause, performers are encouraged to become part of ABOTMA through membership of the organisation. 

Image: Steve Laws.

Performers are asked to organise their own accommodation. 

However, in some cases accommodation may be considered as part of a performance fee and will be booked by the organisers. If this is the case, please indicate your requirements in your application. There is a wide range of accommodation in Bright with numerous caravan parks (with cabins), motels, hotels, apartments and houses. 

 For accommodation options click here.

Performer accommodation 

When selecting artists we use the following criteria:

a) Type of material performed: In accordance with the charter of ABOTMA to encourage bluegrass and old-time music performance, we will only select acts playing bluegrass and American old-time music with acoustic stringed instruments.

b) Type of Performances: In most cases, artists will be given at least two concert spots but may be asked to perform three times. Performers who can also provide a workshop or lead a jam or slow jam related to bluegrass or old-time music will be given preference, as will artists prepared to stay for the entire festival including Sunday evening. Being a participative event, it is considered important that all performing artists join in on picks and sessions over the weekend.

c) Performing Experience and Profile: To be considered for a performance at the festival, artists must have previous experience performing on stage to an audience, and have well developed performance skills. Acts that are engaging and entertaining are given preference. 

d) Promotional material: Performers should have promotional material such as CDs, merchandise, a website, photos and a bio that we can use in the promotion of Mountaingrass. When applying via the Application Form, performers are to submit a biography suitable for publication, and examples of their music via CDs, MP3s or links to sound files on their website.

e) Fees or contribution: The festival committee aims to provide a modest fee to each artist or group which is primarily intended to be a reimbursement for travel and accommodation. When proposing a fee or contribution please indicate on your application whether your fee is negotiable. 

All performance fees submitted are to include GST if applicable and should indicate which components.

f) Applications: Closed on March 31, 2024. Final selections will be made in April - May. 

All applicants will be notified of the outcome of the selection process, regardless of whether they are successful or not.

Artist Selection Criteria

Payment and public liability insurance

Artists are responsible for all their accommodation, (unless negotiated otherwise), meals and drinks. Unfortunately, the festival does not provide riders for artists.

Artists and bands must identify all members of their act on the application and indicate if particular members are included in other acts that are also applying. This is to assist when developing the program schedule. 

Artists who intend to request a performance fee must provide us with a copy of their own public liability insurance and their invoice before the festival.  

Performers who do not have their own public liability insurance can play as a volunteer for a ‘contribution’ paid to them after the event. As a volunteer they will be covered under the ABOTMA’s Public Liability Insurance policy. In these cases their performer agreement will serve as an invoice. 

Artist Responsibilities

Applications for 2024 have closed

Applications for Mountaingrass 2025 will open on March 1, 2025 

For any further information please contact ABOTMA

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