Mountaingrass is organised entirely by our fantastic volunteers.
However, during the festival  we do need extra help.  
Volunteers at the festival receive a season ticket in exchange for 6 hours of their time.

At this stage,  some of our teams are full but we still need people willing to help with wristband checking, raffle ticket selling and packdown after the event.   

The link to the Volunteer application form is at the bottom of this page. 


When: Friday morning

  • Set up chairs in the main venue
  • Dress the stage areas
  • Put up banners and bunting
  • Put up signage around the Mayday Hills site
  • Help erect the main stage 
  • Collect a porta loo from Albury

Set up prior to the event 

When: Workshops run from 9am to 12 noon Sat and Sun

Stand at doors of rooms being used for workshops and check that everyone entering has a Mountaingrass wristband. Assist our patrons with wayfinding and information. 

Wristband checking

When: Concerts - Friday evening, 1pm to 11pm Sat and Sun 

 A wristband checking shift is generally the length of the concert, around 4 hours. 

When: selling of tickets can take place at any festival venue or other gathering place during the festival.

Collect the ticket selling satchels at the registration desk and return them to the Registration desk, for reconciliation, after each shift.

Raffle Ticket Sellers

When: as per the Concert program

  • Ensure that performers are present at least 15 minutes prior to their gig. Work with the MC to ensure that each performance stays on time. 
  • Ensure that there is enough bottled water in the green room for performers. 
  • Stage managers are to wear a “hi-vis vest” to indicate their role. 
  • Prevent all unauthorised access to the Green room or the stage area at the venues during concerts. (Only those with a performer pass, media pass, or a member of the sound crew are authorised to be in the Green rooms or near the stage area).

Stage Management

When: Throughout the festival.

During the festival we need someone to ensure that the venues and grounds of the hotel are clear of any rubbish and the chairs are put back into place if they have been used for workshops or jams prior to the concerts.

Site Tidy Team

When: Sunday evening (for some jobs) and Monday morning for the remainder of the pack down.

This includes:

  • Collect banners and bunting, signage
  • Collect and stack all white hired chairs in the grounds of the hotel and taking them to the nearest collection point 
  • Help to packdown the main stage and load onto a truck.
  • Pick up rubbish and putting it in the Council bins. 
  • Return a portaloo to Albury.

Pack Down After The Event

Volunteer applications will open shortly 

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