First Prize - A beautiful 'Mountaingrass' banjo made by NZ luthier 

Johan van der Gaag. 

Won by Judy Baker!  Pictured here with Johan van der Gaag.

Second prize:   Double season pass to Mountaingrass 2024: Garry Bigwood

Third prize: Audio Technica USB microphone: Terry Piper (who is very happy because he's been wanting a microphone!)

Fourth prize: Gerald Pink banjo picks, beef jerky and a cake: Maureen Wilson

Fifth prize: Audio Technica ear buds: Judy Jones

Sixth prize: Box of CDs donated by John Boothroyd: Ron Milton

Seventh prize: A Pipi Pickers pack - water bottle, tea towel and CD: Peter Reynolds.

Congratulations to all of our winners. 

And, a huge thank you to all of our generous donors. 

2023 Raffle - prize winners

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